Chadwick Ponzirelli

aka The Ponz aka Ponzi aka Chad aka The Chad aka Candle-Wick


HP: 6
Weight: 93 (moderately encumbered
Skills (Weapon): Bastard Sword, Short Bow
Skills: Singing, Musical Instrument(Violin), Spellcraft, Local History, Rope Use, Swimming, Reading/Writing, Survival (Woodland)
Equipment: Bastard Sword, Shortbow, 30 Sheaf Arrows, Chainmail
Clothing: Cloth Shirt, Breeches, Belt, Soft Boots, Cloak, Gloves, Winter Cap, Sword Scabbard, Quiver
Backpack: Violin, Tent, Hooded Lantern, Oil, 2 breads, Silk Bodysuit, Winter Blanket, (50 ft.) Hemp Rope, Grappling Hook, Winter Blanket, Glass Cutter
Large Pouch: Garrote, 100 caltrops, Whetstone
Money: 10 Gold Pieces, 5 Silver Pieces,8 Copper Pieces


Chadwick Ponzirelli is a drifter, traveling the land and getting by off his musical talents. Ponzi is a fucking loser who doesn’t want to settle down and get a real job, choosing instead to adventure and shit, which is where he has honed his meager skills. When his travels took him to Waterdeep, he had planned on only staying there briefly before heading out on his next adventure. Unfortunately, he’s a lazy bum and has been a resident there for the past year. He has gotten complacent and has settled in Waterdeep, performing on a regular basis at a local tavern in order to pay his bills. Recently, however, Ponzi has regained his wanderlust and is looking to start adventuring again.

Chadwick Ponzirelli

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